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Dano's Party 6 Pack - AÑEJO

Dano's Party 6 Pack - AÑEJO

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Unleash your adventurous spirit with our AÑEJO tequila, aged for 18 months in virgin white oak barrels to achieve a deep, rich amber color. This bold and daring spirit offers an aroma of roasted agave with hints of wood, captivating the senses with its luxurious and indulgent essence.

  • Daringly aged for 18 months
  • Rich amber color
  • Aroma of roasted agave and woody notes
  • Luxuriously rich taste of vanilla, caramel, coconut, and oak

Elevate your sipping experience with this cognac of tequila, meant for those who dare to explore and appreciate the finer things in life. Embrace the adventure and savor the experience.

40% alc/vol - 80 proof - 750ml

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
K S.

Great format, easy and quick delivery, just in time for warm weather and BBQ season!

Mother’s Day Fiesta

Dano’s was the hit of the fiesta. They don’t have this in the DFW area, I found it in Waco on the way back from Galveston. I ordered a 6pk of all 3 types and made a really big impact. Great quality & at a very affordable price
Thx, Dano’s

Andrew T.
The best tequila

Danos could be a $150 tequila and I would be happy buying it. Very pure and clean tasting…i wish it was readily available and I didn’t have to order it.

So happy, great price and quick delivery!

I was so excited to get my shipment of Dano’s quickly and without any issues! I have had trouble with deliveries in the past and I am very happy Dano’s changed distribution quality and time. Getting my favorite tequila at such a great price is also fantastic!

conor s.
incredible anejo

this is truly a great anejo. tastes clean and smooth. delicious. esp at this price point. and no hangover when i drink it, which is obviously a big bonus.

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